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  • IV Therapy   

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About us

Established in 2020, Justera Health Ltd. is a Canadian health and wellness management Company driven by the passion for enhancing lives. Through its services, innovative products, and strategic partnerships, Justera Health strives to empower individuals to prioritize their health and wellness. Justera Health’s diversified business approach delivers tailored solutions to Canadians seeking improved health outcomes through four different subsidiaries. Its Concierge Medical business provides discreet and personalized concierge healthcare services, including IV Vitamin Therapy, through a team of board-certified physicians.


Its vitamin and supplement brand, Naturevan Nutrition sources premium vitamin supplements enriched with natural, Canadian ingredients and is available through various e-commerce platforms. Juillet Wellness, the Company’s newly acquired spa and wellness business offers a 360-degree wellness experience, featuring registered massage therapy and acupuncture. Lastly, its new retail brand is set to open two new bricks and mortar retail locations in Vancouver this month, offering an extensive selection of vitamin and supplement products, including those from the Naturevan brand, as well as a carefully curated range of offerings from other companies within the wellness and holistic industry. Justera Health’s mission is to enhance Canadian’s overall well-being with diverse solutions catering to individual needs.

Medical Team

Our healthcare solutions provide a broad range of different medical and health management services to help patients optimize their health.

3 Key factors for Success


We have earned the trust from some of the most prominent film and production companies in Canada providing health screening services and continue to build our reputation of being Canada’s leader in health management solutions.


Our team of Board-Certified Physicians, Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, and Licensed Personal Support Workers have an abundance of experience and skills to support diverse health concerns.


We pride ourselves in providing Canadians the highest standard of health care.

Our Services

covid testing

Health and Safety

Did you know we are one of the top contenders for health and safety services in Canada? We pride ourselves on prioritizing the well-being of individuals through our comprehensive solutions. With our strong partnerships with renowned film companies in Canada, we not only offer exceptional health screening services but also specialize in providing efficient COVID-19 testing and same-day test results through our Canadian labs. We are committed to promoting health and safety by offering on-site or in-clinic services, including comprehensive health screening and COVID-19 testing.

Choosing a Beautiful, Healthy You

Welcome to Justera Health Product, your trusted source for premium health supplements, protein products, beauty essentials and pet care solutions. At Justera Health Product, we are committed to promoting overall well-being for you, your loved ones, and even your furry friends.


Nutrition Ltd.

Naturopathy is one of the simplest ways to feel your best. We offer nutrition, diet plans and supplements to improve your health with Canadian made vitamins and supplements. With Canada's natural health supplement market globally recognized as having first-rated standards and guidelines, patients are getting the highest standard of nutrition.

Inner health, outer beauty
A perfect harmony

Juillet Wellness, operating since 2011, has established itself as a premier 360-degree spa service provider, offering a wide range of treatments such as medical grade facials, body massage, registered massage therapy services, acupuncture, and advanced laser services. The spa's serene environment and commitment to customer satisfaction have garnered it a high Google rating and an established customer base.





TONYMOLY was born in 2006 in Seoul, TONYMOLY has already become a household name in South Korea! Having pioneered the Korean beauty trend that has taken the cosmetic world by storm, Our high-quality ingredients combined with innovative technology are recognized worldwide by our unique and inimitable packaging.

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